Friends, we are going to compare between Fastcomet and chemicloud, in which we will talk about all its aspects,   

After you read this blog completely, you will be able to choose according to your need that you can choose which web hosting you want to get Fastcomet or chemicloud.

What do we need to do to choose the best web hosting?

We have to focus on many services of these web hosting companies, only then you will know which of these two web hosting is better according to your need,

You can see all the topics in the list below, which we will do compression and will see which of the two web hosting companies can fulfil all your needs,

1. Pricing, 2. SSL and CDN, 3. Domain, 4. Refund Policy, 5. Customer Support, 6. Malware Protection, 7. Space, 8. Speed, 9. Backups, 10. Inode Count, 11. Servers, 12. Site Builder, 13. Data Centers, 14. Load Test.

Short information about fastcomet and chemicloud

About Fastcomet

Fastcomet is a reliable web hosting company which was founded in 2013. If we talk in today’s time, then it has become a very good company to be used in the entire global,

Over 50,000 personal and small business website owners are active with this hosting.

About chemicloud

Chemicloud is a very trusted web hosting company which has been active in this field for almost 10 years,(compare between Fastcomet and chemicloud) 

Talking about this web hosting company, it is also globally famous for its best web hosting and cheapest prize.

Free Domain Availability

Not Available #  1 Free Domain For Lifetime 

Chemicloud provides free domain with every single plan of its lifetime, it is the biggest pros of chemicloud,

If I talk about this on fastcomet, we do not get any free domain of any kind here. Nowadays in almost all Webhosting, you get to see free domain for at least 1 year,

But here fastcomet is not found in Webhosting, I consider it very much cons.

Free SSL and CDN Availability

In today’s time, almost all web hosting companies have free SSL and CDN available, except some companies, and here we also get free SSL and CDN,

Nowadays SSL and CDN is very important to be in our website because it plays an important role in ranking our website on google.(compare between Fastcomet and chemicloud) 

Money refund Policy

Money-back guarantee you get for 45 days in both, which is very good and makes this web hosting safe,

If you are buying any web hosting, then you must check its money-back guarantee, because if you buy a web hosting and after using it for a few days, you know that this hosting service is very bad,

So here you can use refund policy use to withdraw your money.(compare between Fastcomet and chemicloud) 

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Customer Support comparison

Customer care is very good of both web hosting but if I tell about my own personal experience, then chemicloud winner is here,

Because I found chemicloud support much better than fastcomet right now, Because in chemicloud you will first talk to one of the customer care, till you solve the problem till then whenever you request to talk to the customer care, then the same person will connect for your help, which will give me this The feature was quite nice.

Malware Protection

Malware Protection is found in both web hosting companies chemicloud and fastcomet, which is very important for malware protection of our website. (compare between Fastcomet and chemicloud) 

SSD Space

If I talk about both storage, then in fastcomet you get 2 5gb SSD storage in mid-tier plan and 35gb ssd storage in top tier plan,

Same storage is available in Chemicloud like fastcomet plan, here also you get 25 GB SSD storage in mid-tier plan and 35 GB SSD storage in the top tier.

Speed Test

Talking about the speed of both web hosting, it is almost the same. The loading time of the website hosted on both web hosting is less than 1 second.(compare between Fastcomet and chemicloud) 

Backup Website

The mid-tier plan of Fastcomet plan provides 7 days backup and the top tier plan provides 30 days backup,

On this, if I talk about chemicloud, here you get 20 days backup in mid-tier plan and 30 days backup in top tier plan,

Here will be the chemicloud winner according to the backup.

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Indo count

Inod count is 3.5 lakh in fastcomet’s mid-tier plan and 5 lakhs in top tier plan, and let’s talk about this compared to fastcomet’s chemicloud, here chemicloud’s mid-tier plan will get 2.5 lakhs indo count and its top 3.2 lakhs indo count is available in tier plan,

So here at Fastcloud, you get very good indo count compared to chemicloud.(compare between Fastcomet and chemicloud) 

Load Test

For the load test, I sent 50 virtual users to both the hosting sites, so I saw that both handle the load very well,

If we talk about speed, then fastcomet performs a little better here. Overall both give almost the same speed.


Talking about servers, here lightspeed servers have been used on chemicloud, And to talk about this fastcomet has been used here apache’s server with reverse proxy,

If I talk in the posture language, here chemicloud is going to be good for you and fastcomet will be fine for you too but you have to take care here how you use a reverse proxy.


If I talk about the site builder here, you get almost all the things on chemicloud which is going to be very helpful for any site building,

But here this thing is not seen on fastcomet, now again here chemicloud wins.


Here you get 11 datacenters in Fascomet and 8 data centres in chemicloud. Here you get a very good data centre according to the shared hosting,

you choose to choose the data centre according to your need. (compare between Fastcomet and chemicloud) 

overall comparison final result and my own final opinion

Friends, here it will be a little happy to give a final decision which web hosting will be best for you because it is best for both of your services here,

you can choose both according to your need but if you are one of my finalists If you say to take a decision then I will suggest you to chemicloud as all the points according to my test point me to take chemicloud only.

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