Best Web Hosting comparison hostinger vs Hostgator in 2020

web hosting comparison hostinger vs hostgator , shared hosting , cloud hosting, VPS hosting , Dedicated hosting

Today we will do web hosting comparison hostinger vs Hostgator, and keeping in mind all aspects, and we will see which of the two web hosting will be better for you all.

After comparing all aspects and all web hosting plans by our web hosting expert team, a final result is out, which we will show in the table below, and one of our team’s final winner results will be shown, which will give you a help in making your decision.



Free Domain 

Bandwidth per month

Free SSL 

MySql databases

24h support 

Speed Rating 

Customer support  

Today Discount Offer 


Per Month


Unmetered Bandwith  




Chat Support only 

90% OFF 



Per Month


Unmetered Bandwith 




Live call and chat support 

 60% OFF 

web hosting comparison hostinger vs. Hostgator

Hostinger vs Hostgator speed  comparison

Before taking any web hosting, the most important thing that we need to see Hostinger vs. Hostgator speed comparison because web hosting prize is no matter how cheap, if the speed of the website is not good, then web hosting is one of our less. Is not.

web hosting comparison hostinger vs hostgator , shared hosting , cloud hosting, VPS hosting , Dedicated hosting
Web hosting Comparison hostinger vs Hostgator

So, Web Hosting Comparison hostinger vs Hostgator, here, hostinger has our option as a Best Web hosting with good speed and less prize. So here, hostinger is our best option in the comparison of hostinger vs. Hostgator, for shared hosting.

Bandwidth per month 

Bandwidth means how many people will visit your site daily or monthly, so here in shared hosting, and both hosting companies say our bandwidth is unmetered. Still, in reality,

it does not happen, especially in shared hosting, so you doubt it. That is, this unlimited thing only keeps the company visible to the customer.

Free  SSL  and   Free Domain

Nowadays almost domain and SSL give all companies in free and here too you will get to see these two things in free.

Customer support 

If you talk about Web Hosting Comparison hostinger vs HostGator, the customer support of both, then here Hostgator provides the best service for you as compared to hostinger, because here you also get call support,

whereas in hostinger you get only chat support, which gives me this hostinger I felt very cons thing.   

  WordPress  hosting comparison between hostinger  And HostGator

By the name of the WordPress hosting comparison  Starter Plan, this plan, you must have understood that this plan would have been specially designed for WordPress, quite rightly, this plan has been optimized for WordPress so that you can use easily and without problems. You can install and use WordPress.



Free Trial




Worpress Starter Plan


Per month

300 website hosting  

Free SSL

Free Domain  

20 GB Disk Space 

Visiter Unlimited

wordpress Starter Plan 


per month 

 1  Website Hosting 

Free SSL

Free Domain

1 Gb Backups 

Visiter 100k 


Here hostinger is giving 300 websites hosting in its WordPress starter plan. On this, Hostgator is offering only one website to host, and even HostGator’s prize is more than hostinger, which is the most Hostgator web hosting. Are big cons

VPS Hosting comparison

VPS hosting, both hosting, gives their different plans in this hosting. If you talk about hostinger, then you can see 6 plans in VPS hosting, and talk about Hostgator, then you get only 3 plans.


VPS Hosting 

Starting plan  

Amount of space

Bandwidth per month


CPU Power 

 number of Plan types 


per month

40 GB

2000 GB

2 GB


6 plan under VPS Hosting


per month

140 GB

1.5 TB

2 GB 


3 Plan under VPS Hosting 

web hosting comparison hostinger vs. Hostgator

Hostinger Ideal for Primary level  Business 

If you talk about Web Hosting Comparison hostinger vs Hostgator, then I suggest,  If you start one of your primary level businesses and want to get a VPS plan at a basic level, then here too, hostinger can become a perfect plan for you and talk about Hostgator, if your big business here. And there is a lot of storage needed, so it is better to go with the Hostgator because here you will get a lot of features which will be helpful for you.

Our Team Opinion 

Here our team’s opinion will be with the hostinger if you have a regular business, and here you can get a lot of plans of big business, but here you do not get many variants in the HostGator’s plan. Our team’s suggestion is with the hostinger.


Overall opinion of my Team, which web hosting plan should you take?

If you talk about the final winner of this topic of comparison hostinger vs. Hostgator, then you all must have known who is going to be the winner here, yes the hostinger is the winner of this comparison today as it is in low price. More features and more speed are available as well as many plan variants.


Q. Which web hosting plan should you take in hostinger?

Ans:-                                                               (web hosting comparison hostinger vs Hostgator)

  • Shared Hosting:- For beginner
  • cloud hosting:– For Normal Website like 10,000 visiter website
  • VPS Hosting:- For Bussiness purpose or High Visiter Website
  • WordPress hosting:- For WordPress website optimization